It can feel overwhelming if you are in the beginning stages of a divorce. We understand how taxing it can all be on your emotional health. 

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How Long Do You Have to be Separated Before Divorce?

While there are no official separation requirements for divorcing couples in Missouri, you must undergo a 30-day wait period after filing for divorce. During this time, you must live apart from each other.

The court sets the minimum requirements on what “living apart” will look like. Sometimes separation can be temporary and short-term, while other times, it takes years. It could be an informal separation, with the spouses making individual agreements.

Does It Matter If I File First?

Yes, it does! Though you could be hesitant to make this move forward, there are some advantages to filing for divorce before your spouse does. These advantages include having more time to find a reliable lawyer and more time to gather all your documents.

If you file for divorce first, you can request temporary orders from the court. Such orders could seek to limit what your spouse can do with marital funds and property, protect one spouse from the other, give temporary child custody, or grant short-term child or spousal support. 

Divorce Attorneys in Jefferson City, MO 

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