Filing for divorce can be confusing. Along with all the emotions that come with this step, being the first to file for divorce could have some benefits and offer you some control over the process.

Whatever your circumstances, we are here to help make this process smoother and less stressful for everyone.

Who Files for Divorce First?

Though some may be hesitant to make this big step forward, there are advantages to filing for divorce before your spouse does. Some advantages include:

1. Enough time to find a good lawyer

If your spouse were to file for divorce first, you will initially have precisely 30 days to respond. Many times this leaves the non-filing spouse rushing to find a lawyer.

If you file first, you set the pace of the divorce. You also have the time you need to find a divorce attorney of your choosing who will represent you and help you receive the best outcome possible.

2. Time to prepare and to gather all your documents

When your spouse files first, time is of the essence! You spend time and money on getting all your documents ready. It can be even more stressful if your spouse does not cooperate with the process.

If you file first, you will have the time to prepare yourself and to gather all the documents and information needed.

3. The first opportunity for temporary orders

If you file for divorce first, you timely request temporary orders from the court. Such orders could seek to limit what your spouse can do with marital funds and property, protect one spouse from the other, give temporary child custody, or grant short-term child or spousal support. 

Family Law Attorneys in Jefferson City, MO

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