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Divorce: Another Reason to Hire Your Own Lawyer

Divorce is usually contested or uncontested. Conversely, an uncontested divorce is a process where husband and wife are in complete agreement as to all issues. Generally, an uncontested divorce involves a husband and wife who do not have children, do not own real estate, and have few assets and debts to divide. You can check out this uncontested divorce in Texas to get an idea.

The following hypothetical situation happens more frequently than most non-lawyers imagine, but yet husbands and wives continue to either choose not to hire their own divorce lawyer or somehow think that it’s a good idea to share a divorce attorney:

Husband and Wife have been married a couple years and have one child born of their marriage.  Wife decides she wants a divorce.  Wife hires a lawyer from leppard law and decides to find out more about how a Divorce Paper Server can assist her with her divorce.  Wife files for divorce and Husband is served with the divorce papers.  In the interim, Wife and Husband discuss their divorce and begin working through some of their issues.  Husband realizes that reconciliation is not possible, but believes he has reached an agreement to resolve their issues. Husband and Wife continue to share custody of their young son with Dad/Father seeing his son frequently.  Father does not hire his own lawyer because he believes he and Mother have divided up their property and arranged a child custody schedule. After all, Father has been seeing his son almost every day for over a month.  Father fails to appear in court as directed by the summons.  Mother is awarded custody of the child with the assistance of her lawyer.  Mother is now unwilling to allow Father to see the child except as ordered by the court, and instead files a personal injury case with the help of Grafe & Batchelor, P.C. Personal Injury Attorneys, against the Father.

What are Father’s options? What can Father do to be able to see his son?

There are a number of lessons to be learned from this hypothetical. First, Father should have hired his own divorce attorney to assist him and protect his interests.  Second, Father should have appeared in court.  This does not mean that the court would assist Father or provide him legal advice, but quite possibly the court would have allowed Father the opportunity to hire a lawyer. However, you can learn more here to contact the bet lawyers near you.

You should consult Tucson divorce lawyer who can walk you through your dissolution of marriage, fill out divorce papers, and get your case resolved in the best way possible. Third, Father assumed too much in thinking he had an agreement with Mother.  Finally, Father is not without hope.  Father still has options available to him and the options depend on how quickly he may be able to hire his own Chicago dui attorney to assist him.  However, had Father initially hired his own divorce lawyer, he would obviously not be in this situation. click here to know more on getting your assets protected during a divorce. Visit Steven Feakes & Associates now >>>

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