Cole County, Missouri has a new program for individuals arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) creatively named the “DWI Court.”  The DWI Court was created following enactment of law by the Missouri General Assembly. Despite the statutory provisions allowing for participation in a DWI court by first time DWI offenders, only individuals with repeat DWI offenses will qualify for Cole County’s DWI Court program, and availability is limited. The DWI Court will allow individuals to avoid mandatory minimum jail sentences of thirty days or more, and will also allow individuals to obtain limited driving privileges where individuals might otherwise be ineligible for years. The limited driving privilege allows a person to continue to drive in limited circumstances such as work, school, educational programs, for medical treatment or other specific situations. Unlike other similar programs, the DWI Court will not result in a dismissal of the DWI offense, but the opportunity to avoid mandatory jail time and continue to drive creates a powerful incentive for interested persons. Please contact Scott A. Hamblin for more information.