BSE Shareholders Johnny Richardson and Greg Mitchell, along with BSE Associate Stephen Rehagen, traveled to Branson last week to celebrate BSE’s 50 year association with the Missouri Automobile Dealers Association (MADA).  The late David Brydon began to represent MADA in 1968.  Mr. Brydon, and then BSE, have had a continuing relationship with MADA since that time.

David Brydon introduced Johnny Richardson to MADA when he joined the firm in 1980. Johnny has worked with MADA for 38 years.  He also works with MADA members on franchise disputes and buying and selling dealerships.

Greg Mitchell joined BSE in 1997.   Greg was a former Assistant Attorney General and Executive Director of the Missouri Motor Vehicle Commission.  Greg provides daily services to MADA and its members ranging from financing questions, to dealer advertising, to assisting new dealers to obtain their licenses from DOR.

Johnny and Greg assist the legislative team annually as MADA strives to achieve meaningful legislative goals established by its members through the Legislative Committee.

Stephen Rehagen joined the firm last year, and Stephen is working on various projects for MADA including MADA’s 2019 legislation.

Mitchel, Rehagen, Richardson
Greg Mitchell, Stephen Rehagen, Sara Lou Brydon, and Johnny Richardson