BSE Shareholder Erin Wiseman recently prevailed in an appeal of a family law matter before the Missouri Court of Appeals for the Eastern District.  The case – K.T.L. by Her Next Friend, K.L.., and K.L. Individually, Respondents, vs. A.G., Appellant. –  (Overview Summary) – was decided on December 28, 2021, and became final in January of 2022.

The Court of Appeals found that the statutes governing third-party custody required appellant to rebut the presumption that child’s welfare was best served by custody in the biological parent.  Specifically, Appellant’s actions alienating the minor child from Respondent were inconsistent with the minor child’s welfare. Therefore, awarding Ms. Wiseman’s client custody was consistent with the welfare and best interests of the minor child pursuant to §452.375.5(5)(a), RSMo.

Erin L. Wiseman has a general civil practice that includes Family Law, Criminal Law, Municipality Representation, and Business Law.  Erin handles matters in various Circuit Courts throughout Missouri, practicing Divorce, Paternity, Child Custody, Child Support, Modifications, Traffic matters, Criminal matters, property and general business litigation.