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5 Steps to Take If You Are Harmed In An Auto Accident

According to a personal injury attorney, on average, there are 6 million car accidents in the U.S. every year— amounting to roughly 16,438 per day. Auto accidents occur everywhere and the reasons for having one vary, but most definitely there will usually be a car accident lawyer involved depending on how severe the damages are. Speeding, alcohol or drug impairment, inclement weather, and a distracted driver are just a few of the common causes. The majority are actually one-vehicle accidents that are legally assisted by a local car accident lawyer when there are no injuries involved, but if there is one then a personal injury lawyer will also be contacted.

Sadly, in the big truck industry many accidents are fatal. In Missouri alone, there were 876 traffic fatalities in 2019 including automobiles and motorcycles, where in this case hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is crucial to succeed with your legal claims. When an accident occurs, you can be confused or panicked about the circumstances. We recommend taking 5 steps immediately after an auto accident.

1.   Seek Medical Attention

Immediately after an accident, remain calm and check for injuries. Shock, an adrenaline rush, or anger can mask your initial injuries. No matter what, it’s important to seek medical attention. Also, make sure you and your vehicle are in a safe area. Move operational cars to the side of the road, if possible. If not, be sure to get yourself to safety. Unfortunately, in many cases, there are deaths involved in accidents, in this situation you may need to contact a wrongful death attorney for their legal assistance.

2.   Dial 911

Even if the incident was minor and everyone is cooperative, call the police. The 911 operator will also ask if an ambulance is needed. The responding police officer will provide you with an official accident report, document the scene and add it to the list of most recent accidents in the area. You’ll need both of those when you contact your insurance company and you need to get yourself a lawyer after a car crash, if necessary.

3.   Take Pictures

There are very few travelers these days who do not have a cell phone handy. By all means, take photos of all the vehicle damage and the surrounding area. You will want to have your own documentation of the scene for when you reach your lawyer and seek for compensation of the damages and car defects caused by the accident.

4.   Trade Information with Other Drivers Involved

At the very least, you need to exchange full names and insurance information. However, getting as much information as possible is very helpful. Ask for a full name and phone number, insurance company and policy number (take a photo of their insurance card if possible), obtain witness contact information, the police officer’s name and phone number, and the report number. The Flagler Personal Injury Group also explained at their post how to prevent car crash injuries.

5.   Call Your Attorney

If at all possible, avoid talking with others about the specifics of the accident. Make sure to immediately contact your auto accident attorney. You should only be talking about the details of the accident when working with an attorney on a lawsuit. You do not want to admit guilt or blame another person. And if you were the passenger in an Uber when the accident occurred  you may contact an uber accident lawyer buffalo ny for legal help. For those who were injured in a truck accident, make sure to hire a truck accident lawyer who has the experience in handling the same cases.


Were you injured in a car accident?

Auto accident lawsuits require an experienced personal injury lawyer. If you don have one, the everett personal injury attorney is there for you. Is the other driver’s insurance company unwilling to settle fairly? We can facilitate mediation and settlement as alternatives to trial.

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Tips to Stay Safe on the Roadway

  1. Always wear a seat belt and use appropriate child safety seats.
  2. Never drive distracted. Put your cell phone down. #BuckleUpPhoneDown
  3. Obey the speed limit and other traffic laws.
  4. Never drive impaired. Make other arrangements for a sober ride.

Remember to always have a Brain Injury Law of Seattle contact handy in case a situation this occurs to you on the streets. Gathering legal advice can help you win the case.